Northend Acres Farm Miniature Donkeys
Windsor, OH 44099

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PLEASE and I repeat PLEASE check and double check anyone and everyone you deal with online before you send ANY MONEY for a deposit!!! Someone from Pennsylvania showed up at my farm today to see the 2 donkeys they think they bought and made a $275 deposit on!!! I’m currently in Colorado, I do not have any donkeys for sale and it says so on all my websites and facebook pages!!! They were scammed big time and I feel so awful as I’m sure they do going back home and realizing they have no donkeys and lost their money. Google the breeder farm, call the right phone numbers to double check, buy from reputable folks. Anyone who thinks they are buying from Cabinwood Farm or Northend Acres can find my farm info on PAGES of google. We’ve been in business for many years. Check and double check. It’s a heartbreaking thing these scammers are doing. It’s not just about money!

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