Assphalt Acres Nicoal

  • DOB: August 16, 2006
  • Black no cross  34″
  • MDR # 49711   *Microchipped
  • Sire: The Elm’s King Coal 32″ Black
  • Dam: Fisher’s OoBoo  33 1/4″
  • Pedigree

Nicoal is our “Elder jennet” at Northend being one of the original foundation put together at Cabinwood Farm. Several of Nicoal’s jennet foals have been retained over the years and become breeding jennets here at the farm as well. She adds good sturdiness and structure to her foals, great color and her outgoing personality is always a favorite among visitors!

Nicoal has given birth to 6 foals for us: a very handsome little jack Cabinwood’s Nicholass, a black jennet foal Eleanor, a spotted girl Millie and another spotted girl Cattie Marie, a brown beauty Colorado Carolyn and her last foal a spotted beauty Northend’s Abigail!

Cedar View Miss Maggie

Miss Maggie (1 of 1) (Medium)
  • DOB: August 7, 2011
  • Black NLP
  • MDR # 62323 *Microchipped   30″
  • Sire: Cedar View Clyde 30″ black NLP
  • Dam: GRN AKRS Lavern 32″ dk brn NLP
  • Pedigree

Miss Maggie came to us as a gorgeous fuzzy weanling and since then has grown into an even more gorgeous black beauty! She is small, well built and has given us small, well built and beautiful foals so far. We are thrilled to have her here now at Northend Acres and look forward to many more foals to come.

Maggie’s first foal was Cabinwood’s Mary Jane at Sunrise and in 2017, a gorgeous boy Cabinwood’s Sidney and another beautiful boy in 2019 Zephyr

Cabinwood’s Julia Bean

  • DOB: July 27, 2012
  • Very dark brown  33 1/2″
  • MDR# 63291  *Microchipped
  • Sire: Dogwood Hills Smokin’ Bandit  dk brown MSF
  • Dam: Furball Acres Jelly Bean-dk brown/white spot
  • Pedigree

Julia Bean was born at Cabinwood Farm and has matured into a very outgoing adult jennet! She is a real asset to our breeding program and so far given us 2 beautiful foals of exceptional quality! We are happy to have quite a few of these “home girls” bred and born to us to go forward and carry our breeding program forward!

Julia Bean gave birth to her first foal on Mother’s Day of 2016- a dark brown/white spotted jennet named Cocoa Bean, a very dark brown jack foal in August 2017 named Cabinwood’s Joey’s Surprise. and another little jack in March 2019 named Northend’s James Bean.

Cabinwood’s Eleanor

  • DOB: March 8, 2012
  • Black no visible cross/stripe  32 3/4″
  • MDR# 62729 *microchipped
  • Sire: Furball Acres Jokers Wild
  • Dam: Assphalt Acres Nicoal
  • Pedigree

Eleanor gave birth in April 2016 to her first foal Cabinwood’s Rosalynn and her second foal in August 2017 Cabinwood’s Sudden Sam and now her third foal in 2019 a boy named Northend’s Franklin!

Cabinwood’s Ruthie Louise

  • DOB: June 26, 2014
  • MDR#65661
  • very Dk Brn 30″
  • Sire: Dogwood Hills Smokin’ Bandit
  • Dam: Bainbridge’s Ophelia

Ruthie was born at Cabinwood Farm but was then sold as a weanling. One of those sales I had always regretted after I sold her sire Smokin’ Bandit! I’m happy to say she is back with us now at Northend Acres and hopefully she will be here a long time to come!

Ruthie gave birth to her first foal on May 18, 2019, A beautiful dark spotted little jack named Arch of the Moon (Archie)

Cabinwood’s Rebecca


  • DOB: April 6, 2013
  • Extra dark chocolate brown MSF blaze face/2 white socks   32 1/4″
  • MDR#  64050 *Microchipped
  • Sire: Dogwood Hills Smokin’ Bandit
  • Dam: Double N Royal Klass
  • Pedigree

Rebecca gave birth to her first foal in August 2017. A jack named Cabinwood’s Jacob and in 2019 another jack named Northend’s Farrokh (Freddie).

 Cabinwood’s Good Morning Millie                     

  • DOB: May 10, 2013
  •  MDR# 64049  31″ *Microchipped
  • Brown and white spot/blaze face  black spot on lft rear
  • Sire: Dogwood Hills Smokin’ Bandi
  • Dam: Assphalt Acres Nicoal
  • Pedigree

Millie gave birth to her first foal in March 2017. Her name is Cabinwood’s Susan Ellen. Her second foal arrived in August 2018 and her name is Northend’s Calixta.

Cabinwood’s Almond JOY

  • DOB: October 5, 2014
  • MDR# Pending dark brown and white spot  32″
  • Sire:Dogwood Hills Topper 30 1/4″ Brown and white Spotted Ivory carrier
  • Dam: SWR Hershey Kiss  32.5″ Dark Brown NLP/Ivory Carrier
  • Pedigree

Almond Joy gave birth to her first foal in spring 2018. He is a gorgeous black and white spotted boy named Northend’s Payday Pete.

Furball Acres Mon Ami – “Ami”

  • DOB: April 16, 2008  31 1/4″ Blue-eyed white (Ivory)
  • MDR #53351   *Microchipped
  • Sire: Lil’ Longears Casper  Blue-eyed white (Ivory)
  • Dam: Furball Acres Snowflake Blue   Blue-eyed white (Ivory)
  • Pedigree

Ami gave birth to a dark ivory jack foal named Michelangelo in 2016 and another jack foal in 2017 named Tom Terrific and in 2019 a gorgeous ivory jennet named Lady Hilda.

Cabinwood’s Lady Alexandria ~SOLD

  • DOB: April 11, 2011
  • Blue-eyed white (Ivory) MSF (masked spotting factor)
  •  21 1/4″ at birth   30″
  • MDR# 62321  *microchipped
  • Sire: Furball Acres Hand Painted     29″ Spotted Blue-eyed white (ivory)
  • Dam: Furball Acres Jelly Bean     34″ dk brn  /white spotted (ivory carrier
  • Pedigree

Cabinwood’s Lady Malinda

  • DOB: May 11, 2014
  • MDR# 65002
  • Spotted blue-eyed white (ivory)  31 1/2″
  • Sire: Dogwood Hills Topper     30 1/4″ Brown and white Spotted Ivory carrier
  • Dam: Cabinwood’s Lady Pearlina     31 1/2″ Blue-eyed Ivory
  • Pedigree

 This gorgeous spotted blue-eyed ivory jennet sired by our ivory carrier jack Topper is a real beauty. Her name is Cabinwood’s Lady Malinda named after my Great Great Grandmother Malinda Roland Redding!

Lady Malinda gave birth to her very first foal in the spring of 2018. She is a beautiful dark slate gray jennet named Northend’s Nellie Bly! 2019 she brought us a beautiful spotted boy named King tut!

Furball Acres Jelly Bean

  • DOB: June 7, 2007  34″
  • Dark brown/white spot no cross/no stripe/Ivory Carrier
  • MDR # 52287
  • Sire: Merry-Go-Round’s Booberry Creme     Ivory (blue-eyed white)
  • Dam: Oakridge Ellie     Tri-spot
  • Pedigree

Jelly Bean gave birth to a spotted ivory jennet named Cabinwood’s Lady Alexandria, a jennet named Cabinwood’s Julia Bean and a jack named Judge R Bean, another jennet named Mocha Bean and in 2019 we lost her dk brown/white spotted jack foal Schmuddle at 2 weeks 😦

 Cabinwood’s Bernadette

  • DOB: November 21, 2012
  • Very dark brown MSF/no stripe/Ivory Carrier 32″
  • MDR # 64604
  • Sire: Dogwood Hills Smokin Bandit
  • Dam: KZ Alluring Ally
  • Pedigree

Bernadette was born the night before Thanksgiving day and unfortunately was rejected by her mother. I had to raise her from birth as a bottle baby so she became a special and dear to my heart young jennet! She carries the beauty and conformation of both her parents and their deep and dark brown color and striking blaze face. Bernie will be staying at Cabinwood and hopefully bring us beautiful foals in the future!

Bernadette gave birth on St Patrick’s Day 2017 to a beautiful ivory jennet foal named Cabinwood’s Lorna Doone but we lost her foal only 3 days later 😦

RIP little Doonie.

Cabinwood’s Future Breeding Jennets

Cabinwood’s Colorado Carolyn

  • DOB: August 3, 2016
  • MDR# 68543   very dk brown
  • Sire: Furball Acres Jokers Wild
  • Dam: Assphalt Acres Nicoal


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