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DSCN6051 (Mobile)  Topper head (Mobile)  Dogwood Hills Topper

Dogwood Hills Topper

  • DOB: January 20, 2011
  • Brown and white Spotted Ivory carrier
  • MDR# 62010   20.25″@birth   30 1/4″  *Microchipped
  • Sire: BJ Houston ~Ivory
  • Dam: Dogwood Hills Chocolate Swirl ~ brown/white spot
  • Pedigree

We are so excited to have Topper here at Northend Acres! This young jack is very well built, has a great spotted pattern and has lived up to the promises to bring exciting diversity into our ivory breeding program and produce great diversity in our non-ivory jennet foals.   Paired with our solid girls he can bring us spots and solids and paired with our ivory girls and carriers….wow…Christmas morning couldn’t be more exciting then what the possibilities could be! Topper has given us the best looking, small and excellent conformed solid and spotted foals we’ve ever had!! We are thrilled with the results from his breeding so far!

Topper foal2 (Mobile)     Topper 2 (2) (Mobile)     DSCN6022 (Mobile)

Growing, growing, grown!

Thank you so much to Ron and Faye Jarvis for allowing us to add this little fellow to our family!!

**Foals sired and born at Cabinwood Farm : Cabinwood’s Chief Oliver, Cabinwood’s Judge R Bean, Cabinwood’s Lady Malinda (Spotted Ivory). Cabinwood’s Simply Sarah, Cabinwood’s Almond Joy, Cabinwood’s Cattie Marie, Cabinwood’s Mary Jane at Sunrise, Cabinwood’s Roselynn, Cabinwood’s Cocoa Bean, Cabinwood’s Susan Ellen, Cabinwood’s Mocha Bean, Cabinwood’s Sidney and Cabinwood’s Tom Terrific, Joey’s Surprise, Sudden Sam and Cabinwood’s Jacob, Northend’s Abigail, Northend’s Calixta


TKS Mt Ridge Odin (Odie)

Stud in training


  • DOB: February 5, 2018   20 1/4″ at birth
  • Brown and white Spotted Ivory carrier
  • MDR# 68779   *Microchipped
  • Sire: Hickory Hill Blizzard Storm  33″ ~Ivory
  • Dam: TKS Mt Ridge Sweet Sahara 30″ red/gray/white spot



~For Reference only~


Furball Acres Jokers Wild  ~SOLD

~gelded 4/25/2016

  • DOB: April 16, 2008
  • Very Very Dark Brown-no visible cross/stripe
  • MDR#53354           31 3/4″ Microchipped
  • Sire: Merry Go Round’s Sir Booberry Creme Blue-eyed white  no cross/no stripe
  • Dam: Furball Acres Hope Gray-dun

Our Joker (WinCE)

**Foals sired and born at Cabinwood Farm: Cabinwood’s Liberty Belle Grace, Calixta, Cabinwood’s Royal Jester, Eleanor, Kyle, and Atticus (BEW), Cabinwood’s Good Knight Richard, Cabinwood’s Tax Man Sam, Cabinwood’s My Friend MAC , Cabinwood’s Maurice and Cabinwood’s JEEP, Cabinwood’s Marshall Law and Cabinwood’s Harriet Faye and last but not least Cabinwood’s Colorado Caroline!


DSCN6651 (Mobile)  DSCN6648 (Mobile)  DSCN6657 (Mobile)

Dogwood Hills Quick Silver – “Q” ~SOLD

  • DOB: 4/24/2012
  • Blue-eyed white (Ivory)
  • MDR# 62945 20″ at birth *Micro-chipped     30 1/2″
  • Sire: BJ Houston 30″ Blue-eyed white (Ivory)
  • Dam: Dogwood Hills Liberty Belle 31″ Blue-eyed white (Ivory)

“Q” is the darkest ivory ever born at Dogwood Hills. He is tiny, correct in his legs and mouth, and as quick as his name denotes. His background includes Black Russian, Jack Daniels, 45 Magnum, Annie Oakley, and Texas Red.

**Foals sired by Q   Cabinwood’s Michelangelo 2016


Bandit3 (Mobile)

Dogwood Hills Smokin’ Bandit

  • DOB: September 5, 2006
  • Dk brown MSF
  • MDR# 47113 31 3/4″ Microchipped
  • Sire: WindyAss Acres Hesmy Buddy 30″ blk/wh spot NLP (ivory carrier)
  • Dam: Dogwood Hills Cocoa 34″ Dk brown

Many thanks to Ron and Faye Jarvis at Dogwood Hills in Kentucky for giving us the opportunity to own Bandit and add him to our breeding history!

Bandit is standing stud in California now!

**Foals sired and born at Cabinwood Farm: Cabinwood’s Julia Bean, Cabinwood’s Tricky Victor and Cabinwood’s Bernadette, Cabinwood’s Dockside Doug, Cabinwood’s Lilian, Cabinwood’s Rebecca, Cabinwood’s Agatha at Sunrise, Cabinwood’s Good Morning Mille and Cabinwood’s Ruthie Louise!



Cabinwood’s JT Chance

  • MDR#50689 *DNA on File
  • Ivory Blue-Eyed White 30 3/4″
  • DOB: Unknown
  • Sire: Untraced
  • Dam: Untraced

JT Chance was gelded the summer of 2012- Our handsome Chance made the most beautiful babies but he was quite “hormonal” and was constantly devising new ways to scale the highest fences or dig holes under them to reach the forbidden fruit!! One summer he got his head stuck under a chain linked fence and almost lost an ear!! He still sports the scar from that adventure!! He never stopped moving and it was impossible to keep any weight on him so, for his own health and my sanity I had him gelded. It was a hard decision to make since his offspring were so nice but it was the right decision. He is now gaining weight back, settling down and spends his days in the pasture enjoying the company of a whole harem of beautiful jennets! He was our very first ivory jack. Chance is now out to greener pastures and living in mid-Ohio. He is retired to a pet home along with our beautiful ivory jennet Sweet Matylda.

Foals sired and born at Cabinwood Farm: Lady Cynthia, Lights Out Louie, Lady Pearlina, Reuben J., Lady Emily Louise, Lady Caron


Cabinwood's Nicholass 8-12

Cabinwood’s Nicholass

  • DOB: March 24, 2010
  • MDR# 60328 22″at birth
  • 31″ on 4/3/12 dark brown
  • Dam: Assphalt Acres Nicoal
  • Sire: Ozark’s Red Sierra
  • Nicholass was gelded the summer of 2012 and is now living the life of luxury in Delaware, Ohio.

**Nicholass is the Sire of our 2013 jack foal Cabinwood’s J. Stanley!


Furball Acres Hand Painted

  • DOB: July 8, 2008
  • MDR#54272 *microchipped
  • Spotted Blue-Eyed White (Ivory) 29″
  • Sire: LFF’s Buttered Popcorn Spotted blue-eyed white
  • Dam: Donkette Korrel Chamomile 32 3/4″ Blue-eyed white (Ivory)
  • Painter is now standing stud in Texas via Dogwood Hills Farm in Kentucky!

Foals sired and born at Cabinwood Farm: Lady Amanda, Lady Rosemond, Lady Alexandria and Alexander the Great.


Sierra 10-09 (WinCE)

Ozark’s Red Sierra

  • DOB: June 20, 1998
  • MDR#24717 *DNA on File
  • 32 3/4″ Dark Sorrel
  • Sire: LN Red Sonfire 31 1/2″
  • Dam: Ass-pirin Acres Suki 32 1/2″

Foals sired and born at Cabinwood Farm: Cabinwood’s Kirby York, Clifford the Red, Big Jake, Guns Donovan, Hondo Lane, Full Moon Minta, Rockwell T, J. Higgins, Tessa, Nicholass, J. Marlowe, Jason the Red, Captain Dooley


Breeding Policy

As of April 2009 Cabinwood Farm, LLC will only offer breeding service to outside jennets that are/were purchased from Cabinwood Farm.